FinTechs registered in Sierra Leone, companies, societies, associations or other bodies that are part of the FinTech ecosystem or that have a strong interest in financial technology are eligible to become members of the Sierra Leone FinTech Association.


The Sierra Leone FinTech Association provides tools, resources, and opportunities for our members to thrive in the ever-evolving financial services ecosystem. We host exclusive events with leaders from the industry, sponsor high-quality educational panels, offer valuable promotional opportunities and allow members to network and connect online.
Our education provides real opportunities to improve operations, boost sales, increase brand exposure and build relationships which will create meaningful and lasting business impacts.


  • Opportunities for business development and revenue growth;
  • Access to exclusive industry events;
  • Access to high-quality panels and events on topics that matter most to our members;
  • Ability to increase brand awareness by sharing thought-leadership based content with fellow members;
  • Venue for gaining sales, service and operations efficiencies;
  • Opportunity to gain insight into best practices in the industry.
  • Corporate logo on our website & Social Media pages;
  • Access to internal newsletters;
  • Free, Discounted or Priority passes to FinTech events;
  • Post jobs and offers to the community;
  • Special offers and discounts from partner companies to conferences/events;
  • Access to Steering Committee output and research;
  • Possibility to join the Steering Committee;
  • Access to mentors;
  • Connection to the West African FinTech ecosystem;
  • Access to the member directory of the Association;
  • Participation in networking events.

Joining the Sierra Leone Fintech Association will bring your company a range of benefits, including opportunities for business growth and partnerships, access to first-hand information, funding opportunities, greater influence and exclusive business insights. Details of eligibility, membership types and costs and are enclosed: