The Sierra Leone FinTech Association aims to support and accelerate the development of the local Financial Technology ecosystem through:

Collaborate & Network

Bringing together relevant stakeholders in the local & regional FinTech landscape and sharing best practices, ideas and initiatives;

Influence & Change

Lobbying for the development of effective policies and regulations related to FinTechs in Sierra Leone

Nurture & Share Knowledge

Informing, mentoring and nurturing existing and new initiatives in the Sierra Leonean FinTech space and promoting industry knowledge sharing.


Digital Financial Services Working Group 10/04/2018

Sierra Leone FinTech Association to attend the monthly Digital Financial Services Working Group (DFSWG) meeting chaired by the Bank of Sierra Leone and scheduled to take place at Sam Bangura Building;



The winners of the Sierra Leone FinTech Challenge and the first participants of the Bank of Sierra Leone Pilot Sandbox Framework for FinTech have been announced this morning, during a ceremony hosted by the Bank of Sierra Leone.

The Financial Lives Survey, conducted in Sierra Leone in 2017-2018, indicates that government employees who received their salaries in bank accounts can be encouraged to avail of digital financial services instead of cashing out.

In its bid to provide a regulatory environment that is conducive for the deployment of new and innovative Financial Technologies (FinTech) and business models in Sierra Leone, the Bank of Sierra Leone has introduced a Regulatory Sandbox Pilot program.

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